Heated Floors

The advantages of having heated floors

Date published: Oct 30, 2017


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Electric heated floors are becoming increasingly popular in Quebec homes. Comfortable, pleasant, energy efficient ... these are just a few reasons why you would consider this type of flooring. Xavier Filiatrault, one of our sales representatives, invites you to discover the advantages of the FLEXTHERM floor heating system available at ITALBEC.


Controlled by a programmable thermostat, the FLEXTHERM floor heating system provides an efficient and even distribution of heat throughout your room and a stable temperature from top to bottom. Result: The room is never too warm or too cool. Not to mention the pleasant feeling of having your feet always warm.


The FLEXTHERM heating floor is great for your health. There won’t be any distinct air and dust movement. Furthermore, mites, bacteria as well as any other unwanted visitors will be deprived of their livelihood by dehydrating these usable areas/surfaces. For this particular reason, surface heating systems are also ideal for people suffering from allergies.


Installed under the tiles, the heating cable becomes invisible and thus offers you the possibility of:

  • maximizing the space of your room.
  • eliminating the baseboard heaters. 
  • limiting the constraints as to the patterns, formats and colors of your ceramics.


The fact that the product is installed under the tiles avoids any direct contact with the heating elements and therefore any risk of burns, electrocution and asphyxiation.


By reducing the ambient temperature by two to three degrees, while maintaining the level of comfort in the room, you can save up to 15% of your electricity bill.

About Flextherm

A pioneer in its field, FLEXTHERM has introduced the technology of electric heated floors as we know it today. Founded in 1991, the Quebec company took inspiration from nature to design an innovative energy efficient radiant heating product of superior quality.

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