Get your custom decor with ceramic

Get your custom decor with ceramic

Date published: Jun 05, 2020


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In spring, we usually start to think about doing renovations in our homes - sort of a spring cleaning if you will.  We often have the same problem; we never know what to choose in terms of our decor. What colors should we use? What would go best in the kitchen? What kind of furniture should we buy? These kinds of questions are often hard to answer, and are generally subjective, however, nowadays ceramic tiles are coming back in style!  With a wide range of colors and choices available, ceramics are integrated into most home decor. Here is what you should know about ceramic tiles in Montreal:

What exactly are Ceramic Tiles?

By the time you see ceramic tiles in stores, they have undergone quite the process. It is made of clay, and is heated at very high temperatures.  The higher the quality of the clay being used, the higher the resultant density of the ceramic tile.  It is because of this process that ceramic tiles are tougher and more durable than regular clay, but they will also be stain resistant. This is one of the many reasons that people choose to use this in their homes. At first, it was mostly used in the fabrication of objects, but now it is widely used in floor decor. A lot of tile stores in Montreal opened initially to sell ceramic tiles because of their interesting properties.  Today, ceramic tiles are available in different colors and shapes to put in your kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your house.

Why is Ceramic used in Decor?

For a time, ceramic had become unpopular.  Nowadays, it is a popular material for interior architects and designers that you can find in tile stores across Montreal. Indeed, it offers a multitude of possibilities, thanks to its many colors and material effects. Like a chameleon, ceramic can transform and radically change its appearance. In turn, it imitates wood, slate, marble and metal, just to name a few.  It can be adorned with geometric and graphic shapes, and adapts to both interior and exterior surfaces.

When used as a decorative element, like a tattoo on a body, ceramic can give rhythm to a room, and create a personalized and original atmosphere. Designers can thus realize their wildest projects, by combining colors and textures, for surprising effects. When combined with other flooring surfaces– like natural stone, carpeting or hardwood – it is possible to create amazing interiors that fit every lifestyle.

Ceramics in Bathrooms and Kitchens

Ceramic itself, as a material, offers a solidity that is adequate and durable enough to make tiled floor coverings. These recognizable tiles were originally associated with the decor of traditional country houses. Today they are widely used in modern New York lofts or in trendy Parisian flats.  The material itself is extremely resistant, and as a bonus, is easy to clean.

The good thing about ceramic tiles, is that they contain a protective layer that rests over the tiles. This makes the ceramic tile impervious against stain, as well as water penetration. Aside from that, ceramic tiles can also withstand high levels of humidity.

Ceramic tiles are also very easy to maintain and take care of. Liquid, dirt, and stains are only on the surface, and can be mopped away easily. Regular maintenance usually consists of vacuuming and sweeping, using a soft broom.

Also, they are hygienic. Ceramic is what is recommended for areas where sanitary standards are extremely high. They don’t hold onto allergens, dust mites, mold or bacteria that can decrease your property’s indoor air quality.

Finally, they are extremely tough and almost impossible to crack, unless you are using equipment made specifically for that purpose. It won’t burn or release toxic fumes. Dropped cigarettes, hot kitchen skillets and pans, will not do any damage.  A quality installation could last for several decades, especially if it’s properly maintained. It is also resistant to heat produced by the sun, and is sometimes used on countertops.

Ceramic in your House

Ceramic floors stand out against typical wood or carpet, and provide a smooth, unique texture for walking. If you invest in ceramic decor, there are tons of options available in many shapes, colors, and sizes, which you can use to improve the look of any room. Wherever you decide to incorporate ceramic, you will enjoy its versatility, and appreciate the difference that one small change can make.

With all the advantages mentioned above, it is a very nice way to decorate your house. Actually, ceramic tile may be the only flooring material that truly works in any room of the house. It's most often used in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as foyers, mudrooms, and other high-traffic areas. But many homes, especially those located in warmer climates, use tile to great effect in primary living areas, and bedrooms too. In other words, you really can't go wrong with ceramic tile. If there are any drawbacks to this durable, elegant flooring, it is that it can be hard and cold in the winter, and is somewhat tricky for DIYers to install.

Moreover, ceramic tiles can be one of the most affordable flooring materials. You can find tiles at a very low price, suitable for those with a small budget, and also more expensive tiles for those who can afford it, and are willing to invest more heavily in their homes.


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