Choosing Ceramic For Your Bathroom

Choosing Ceramic For Your Bathroom

Date published: Jan 25, 2022


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Are you thinking of adding the finishing touches to a new construction or want to breathe new life into your bathroom? Whether placed on the wall or on the floor, ceramic is an essential addition to your project. Bathroom ceramic is ideal for protecting your walls, your counter and giving a unique look to your room.

white ceramic

For a bright bathroom with a classic look, use Albi Blanco white ceramic. Available in different sizes and formats, such as rectangular or hexagonal, this white ceramic is easy to clean. The chosen format allows you to create a modern or classic and elegant look. It is affordable and versatile and is also available in colors such as grey, black or red.


Ceramic with geometrix patterns

For a bathroom that is out of the ordinary, opt for a bathroom counter made of porcelain slab (Marmi, Inalco/Larsen) or a backsplash made of white or black Architecture geometric ceramic.



To create a unique and original wall, use colored glass ceramic tiles from the Colors collection. Itablec offers fourteen vibrant colors spanning the entire color palette: turquoise, pistachio green, red, orange, etc.


Marble style ceramic

Marble lovers will find what they love by choosing from our various marble-effect ceramics. Our new collection, called Marmorea, will allow you to express your refined and sophisticated side. Italbec will always keep you up to date with the latest trends with its choice of neutral colors.


wood style ceramic

Are you looking for the benefits of ceramic, but want to create a slightly warmer effect? Ceramic bathroom tiles from our Primewood collection were created for people like you! Create a room with authentic, cozy beauty using our wood-style ceramics, available in five colors.

stone style ceramic

Finish your project with our concrete-effect porcelain tiles. Their extended style and available in five neutral colors make the ceramic tiles in the Code (24” x 24”) and Brera (18” x 18”) collection suitable for different types of layouts. Choose the concrete-effect ceramic style for large surfaces.

Whether it is to start or conclude a development project, our team of experts can help you, taking into account your needs, your budget and the design of your home. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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