Date published: Feb 16, 2018


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Why choose a stone counter top rather than another material? “Opting for a stone counter top is a wise choice because of its durability and unique features” Olimpia Testa, president of ITALBEC, confidently states. “Available in a variety of materials, colors, textures, and patterns, it is important that you have a good understanding of how stone kitchen counter tops can be the best solution for your project”, she continues. To help you in your choice, Ms. Testa draws a portrait of the advantages, disadvantages, and main characteristics of the different types of stone currently offered on the market.


Granite is the most used stone in the manufacturing of counter tops. It is a 100% natural stone, strong, hard, and resistant to scratches, heat, and frost. It is a unique material due to its textures, colors, and veins that vary from one slab to another. Due to its natural appearance, it harmonizes with all types of décor, ranging from classic to contemporary. Not to mention that it is easy to maintain: cleaning with water and a mild non-abrasive soap is all you need! Granite is a porous material that requires a sealant to maintain its luster and resist stains.


Prestigious and high end, marble has a smooth surface, and is available in several colors and patterns. Its main advantages: resistance to wear, water and heat, and easy maintenance. On the other hand, marble is also a heavy and fragile, requiring extra support during its installation. As it is also a very porous and acid- sensitive (such as lemon juice) stone, you will need to take care to apply a sealant to enhance its stain resistance. 


Limestone is a natural product, and thus no two pieces are ever alike. This sophisticated and sought-after material with a luxurious appearance is a great choice for durability. Opting for a limestone countertop is an excellent investment not only because of its unique origins, but also because of its vast array of colors, patterns, and textures. However, it is a soft and supple stone that fades and is easily scratched. We suggest applying a sealant.


Quartzite is a hard metamorphic rock that was originally sandstone. It is comparable to marble in its aesthetic appearance, and to granite in its level of resistance. It is a very dense stone that is hard and resistant to scratches, marks, and other daily impacts such as common stains (wine, juice, coffee, tea, etc.…), and heat. Although it is a great choice for durability, it is nonetheless a heavy and fragile material that requires a sealant as means of protection.

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