Are Stone Countertops Durable?

Are Stone Countertops Durable?

Date published: Aug 08, 2022


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The short answer is yes. Of course, the long-term durability of stone countertops relies on proper maintenance and care. Natural stone countertops are much easier to maintain than most other countertop materials, giving you durability and ease of maintenance all in one. In this article, we will look at the different types of natural stone countertops offered at Italbec in Montreal.

Environmentally Friendly, Natural Stone Countertops

Italbec offers a few types of locally sourced, natural stone countertops. They are:

1. Quartz

Artificial quartzite is handmade from quartz crystals and held together with resin. It is easy to maintain, boasts a light colour palette, but is not heat resistant. Each slab is very unique, allowing you to choose your quartz slab to fit your personal taste and design.

Natural quartzite is 100% natural and has rare colours. It’s highly durable, has a medium level of porosity and needs sealant once a year to maintain it properly. It can only be cleaned with soapy water and is not heat resistant. Just like artificial quartzite, each slab is unique and can achieve specific effects in parallel to the design in your space.

2. Marble

Marble countertops are the holy grail of many dream kitchen designs. They have beautiful, natural veining throughout and they “age with you.” This means that a marble countertop will not look brand new forever and will take on character as it ages. It has a high level of porosity, is heat resistant and should only be cleaned with soapy water. Marble countertops come at a higher cost, though the look that can be achieved is second to none. Each marble slab is unique and can be chosen with specific veinging that fits your design best.

3. Granite

Granite countertops resist heat well, have unique variations of dark colours and they require less maintenance than marble. Each slab is unique, allowing you to choose your slab depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

4. Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain countertops are not porous so they don’t need particular cleaning methods or products. They require no specific maintenance. A porcelain slab is not unique since it can be replicated. It needs to be properly supported though which adds more planning and coordination with the woodworker to ensure proper and safe installation.

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