Best Kitchen Tiles Montreal

Best Kitchen Tiles Montreal

Date published: Jun 08, 2022


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Choosing The Best Kitchen Tiles

Are you looking for the best kitchen tiles available? You can find tons of useful advice in this article to help you choose the right option.

How to select the best kitchen tiles

It doesn't matter if you're renovating your kitchen or designing a new one, choosing the right kitchen tiles for your style, fit and function is crucial. They can be used as wall tiles, as a backsplash and most commonly used, on the kitchen floor. As kitchen flooring they are durable, easy to maintain, and of course, very attractive. We have listed all options below so that you can choose the right kitchen tiles for your space!

How to choose the material for your kitchen tiles

There are many options for tiles that can be used in kitchen floors and walls like porcelain tiles, which can be used for home and business applications. You can choose from a variety of colours and designs, as well as a variety of finishes. Natural stone tiles on the other hand are more expensive, but they offer beauty and uniqueness, while they also require more care than engineered kitchen tiles.

Natural Stone Kitchen Tiles

If you are considering going with natural stone for your kitchen floors and walls, consider limestone and marble. Keep in mind that natural stone must be sealed and must be cleaned using products made for natural stone specifically. Natural stone tiles can be finished in a variety of ways including a natural, leather, honed or polished finish.

Marble is usually found in grey or white tones, but you can also find striking dark or coloured marble. Veining can be subtle or more dramatic. It is best to avoid laying polished marble on your kitchen floor as it can cause slippage.

Limestone can be found in many places. It can be used in a variety of colours, including cream tones, grey and darker tones too. Different types of limestone choices have varied levels of durability, so be sure to check that the stone is durable enough to withstand heavy kitchen traffic.

Kitchen tiles

Our kitchen tiles come in the form of ceramic and porcelain.

Ceramic tiles are a great option for your kitchen. Some tiles are suitable for floor use, while others can be used for walls. Be sure to check their advised functionality before you buy. A tile made for walls will not withstand the daily wear and tear of busy floors like the kitchen. Ceramic tiles do not require sealing and can be easily cleaned.

Porcelain tiles can be cooked at higher temperatures th an ceramic, which results in a high level of durability. They are often used for floors, but they can also be used for walls.

Gloss tiles reflect light, so choose a gloss finish for your wall tiles if the goal is to brighten up your kitchen. These tiles can make a small kitchen feel larger.

Matt tiles have a natural finish. These tiles will be less noticeable than the glossy finishes, but they can be used to create subtle contrasts with other kitchen surfaces, such as an all-white kitchen.

Design tips for your kitchen backsplash & walls

Even small changes can make a big difference in the appearance of a tiled backsplash. Here are some ideas:

  • Contrast grout colours with tile colours. The tiled area will stand out more if you use dark grout with light-coloured tiles.
  • Choose between subway (or metro) tiles with a flat or bevelled edge. These tiles can create shadows and different reflections which can be used to add a little flair to a kitchen design.
  • Use a unique tile shape such as a hexagon. Instead of cutting tiles along a straight edge to create a backsplash, let the tile shape define the splashback.
  • Half-tile offsets are classic. However, they can also be stacked in grids (or combined with the other ideas, see above), or used in chevron, basket weave, or herringbone patterns.

No matter what design you choose, especially if your kitchen is small, make sure you select the right-sized tiles for your project!

The best kitchen tiles are here!

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