Where can imitation wood ceramic be used?

Where can imitation wood ceramic be used?

Date published: Mar 29, 2022


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Thanks to innovative manufacturing techniques, imitation wood ceramic has a look almost identical to wood. Italbec manufacturers use a high-resolution printing technique resulting in beautiful images of wood grain on a ceramic finish. They are therefore able to reproduce the natural look of wood, be it cherry, oak or other wood species. Imitation wood ceramics, like our Eco-Wood collection, are very popular because they are even more durable than wood, and are both water and scratch resistant. Imitation wood ceramic can be implemented in any design, for any space in your home or workplace! 

The bathroom floor

Imitation wood ceramic is very trendy for its use in the bathroom because it is very practical. The use of wood-like tiles, such as our Primewood collection, are often laid in the bathroom since they provide much more resistance to water and abrasion than traditional hardwood floors. Therefore, the use of this type of ceramic in a high traffic space such as the bathroom, ensures cleanliness. In addition, the high-resolution wood print on your tiles will deceive any inquisitive guest.

The shower floor

There are several advantages to using ceramic tile for your shower floor. This is one of the places where hygiene should not be neglected. Laying ceramic tiles for your shower floor will be an asset for simple, efficient and quick cleaning. Indeed, the tiles are made of ceramic stones that are easily washable and require little rubbing. Any soap residue is easily removed from our ceramic. Cleaning ceramic tiles requires few products and can be environmentally friendly. Additionally, cleaning your shower floor with eco-friendly products will benefit your wallet and the environment. Plus, your cleaning time will be cut in half! For an elegant and clean-looking space, consider our Eco-Wood ceramic tiles.


Whether at home or in a workplace, the bathroom is an essential room. With imitation wood ceramic, a sense of relaxation and warmth is felt as soon as you enter the room. By adding this type of ceramic tile to the backsplash, whether behind a mirror or in the shower, you will feel a sense of refinement and comfort. To create an enveloping atmosphere, favor neutral colors, such as white, beige, gray, brown or black. Is your bathroom on the small side? Play with space and light using a mirror. Your room, just like your ceramic covering, will be illuminated and enlarged thanks to the reflections of light on the mirror.

In the kitchen

For a welcoming space, consider our imitation wood tiles like our Dakota collection, which add a luster to your dining room. Our wood-effect ceramic tiles will give a warmness to your space, no matter where you choose to place it. Play between the warm tones and the texture of the ceramic to create a cozy and relaxing ambiance.

On a wall

We often come across beautiful creations with ceramic tiles on the floor. It should be remembered that imitation wood ceramics can be used on the wall too. Whether for the office or the home, imitation wood ceramics can be the tool you need to create a truly warm and cozy space.


To conclude, imitation wood ceramic is gaining more and more popularity, which means that it is now available in many stylish finishes and colors. Whether you plan on installing yours in the bathroom, kitchen, on the wall or as a floor covering, you will be dazzled! In short, if you are hesitant and unsure about choosing wood flooring, consider the many options and advantages offered by imitation wood ceramics.

Contact us today and do not hesitate to seek advice from our ceramic experts. They will be happy to advise you on your choice of imitation wood ceramics!

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