Why Choose Ceramic Tiles Montreal for Your Counter

Why Choose Ceramic Tiles Montreal for Your Counter

Date published: Jul 07, 2021


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If you are looking for tiles for your countertops, then natural stone tiles such as ceramic tiles are the right option. The good thing about ceramic tiles is that they provide different options to choose from, such as patterned and colorful tiles, stone, and wood textures.

Another feature in favor of ceramic tiles is that these tiles hardly require any type of maintenance. Lastly, these tiles are capable of withstanding wear and tear, such as in the form of scratches. Ceramic tiles can be considered an ideal combination of practicality and aesthetics that is not found in other types of tiles used as countertops. Our aim here is to analyze details that will convince you that ceramic tiles are the right option for your countertops.

Reason #1: Better Water Resistance

At a place where water is frequently used, you need something that is water-resistant. This requirement is easily met by ceramic tiles, which are available as glazed tiles along with an additional protective layer, making the ceramic tiles impervious to stains and water.

Reason #2: Greater Durability

Greater durability makes it possible for ceramic tiles to bear the day-to-day wear and tear with relative ease. In addition, installing these tiles is very easy, and you can also maintain them without much hassle. These qualities make them a favorite with most people.

Reason #3: Less Maintenance

Different types of stains and spills are common in kitchens. This makes it necessary to find natural stone in Montreal tiles that will perform well without much maintenance. Ceramic tiles are an ideal option for these requirements, as you can easily wipe off stains and dirt from ceramic tiles.

Reason #4: Highly Affordable

Ceramic tiles tend to be a lot more affordable compared to other tile options. In addition, these tiles provide long-term value for the investment you will be making due to their higher durability. You will find that you are able to recuperate the initial investment within a few years. Last but not least, ceramic tiles help to increase the resale value of your house if you decide to sell it.

Reason #5: Varied Design Choices

These tiles can be purchased in different colors, finishes, designs, sizes, and shapes, with an array of other options to choose from. Moreover, there are different styles in which ceramic tiles are available, such as encaustic effects, glossy finishes, and so on.

This variety makes it easier to select a particular design style since the large assortment of styles means there are always tiles of a specific style available to match your preferences.

Additionally, these tiles are not limited to only geometric edges or straight lines. Ceramic tiles are available in many different designs, including intricate curves for you to choose from. Such intricate designs are carved out using the latest techniques, such as water jet technology that helps in the creation of complex designs comprising of curves, circles, and more.

Reason #6: Multiple Shapes and Sizes

They don't just come in squares; ceramic tiles can be purchase in multiple shapes and sizes. As such, you are able to make your own design statement and create something that provides a sense of extra space in your kitchen. Moreover, there is no shortage of sizes that you can select from.

Reason #7: Innovative Features

There are some innovative features in ceramic tiles that are hard to miss. For example, these tiles have very good anti-static features, and as such, they do not gather electrical charge. The result is that you will not be experiencing an unpleasant mild spark when you touch the tap in your kitchen.

Reason #8: Ideal for Health Reasons

The non-porous and dense surface of these tiles means that microbes, mites, and other pests do not have the opportunity to make colonies over the surface of the tiles. The tiles are also very easy to clean and to get rid of the dirt that accumulates. As such, you and your family members stay safe and do not have to worry about different types of allergens.


Reason #9: Resistance to Scratches and Stains

Spills are common in a kitchen, but when you have glazed ceramic tiles installed in your kitchen, you will not have to worry about such spills anymore. All you will have to do is clean the surface using a clean damp cloth to remove those stains from your tiles. Moreover, glazed ceramic tiles are capable of withstanding scratches and are crack resistant. These tiles are also able to bear a good amount of pressure.

Reason #10: Appropriate Heat Conduction

In comparison to other types of tiles, ceramic tiles are able to retain heat much more efficiently. In addition, you will not find them cracking due to expansion, and contraction occurs due to heat cycles. This feature makes ceramic tiles ideal for the kitchen, where a good amount of heat gets generated while you are cooking your favorite dishes.

Reason #11: No VOCs

VOCs are released by things like synthetic materials such as plastic and laminates. This process is called off-gassing and results in issues for people who have allergies or chemical sensitivities.

Additionally, VOCs tend to be harmful to healthy people too. Due to the fact that these tiles are manufactured by using natural substances, off-gassing is not a problem that you will face when ceramic tiles are installed and result in improved air quality in your kitchen.

Reason #12: Multiple Types

There are ceramic tiles of different types for you to choose from, like glazed tiles, quarry tiles, mosaic tiles, vitrified tiles, and so on, with their own unique characters and features. Due to these reasons, you will find that there is a vast range of options for you to choose from that would be most suitable for your countertops.


To summarize, we will say that ceramic tiles are the right option for your countertops due to the vast range of features they have, that easily surpass qualities of other tile materials. Moreover, there is a large assortment of designs and styles that you can choose from based upon your particular requirements.

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