Top 10 Bathroom Countertop Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Countertops

Date published: Mar 22, 2021


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If your bathroom is looking dull, then the bathroom countertop design ideas we will be sharing here will help you make things interesting. Let us get into the details in the next few sections.

Top Ten Bathroom Countertop Design Ideas

Graphical Patterns

Geometric patterns are the best choice for countertops as well as accent tiles in your bathroom. It can be contrasting colours or subtle nuances; such patterns give the place an interesting look and feel.

In addition, you can use patterned bathroom ceramic tiles or metro tiles in any place you like. Some of the other options include bold prints, porcelain styles, and vibrant colors for countertops in the bathroom.

Matte Finish

Matte finishes can be considered a soft yet powerful design option, which will not look overwhelming as a glossy ceramic option. The dullness of matte finish also means that the countertops will not have water stains over them, as happens when you have glossy countertops.

As such, matte finish becomes the right option in large bathrooms which ensures easy maintenance. However, when using such matte finish countertops, it will be important to make sure that the bathroom get good amount of light, both artificial and natural since such countertops will not be reflecting much light.

Neutral Colors

Modern bathroom styles tend to utilize more neutral colors such as cream, beige, and grey. Moreover, white will be the perfect color when you are looking for something that offers more brightness.

These neutral colours promote a feeling of relaxation in the bathroom. To make things interesting, you can experiment with various shades of these colors, along with different textures and finishes in order to create something that looks beautiful.

Countertops of Different Shapes

White rectangular countertops may appear to be very ordinary and plain. However, you can enhance their appearance by using countertops with non-traditional shapes and sizes.

These countertops can be used in conjunction with grouts in contrasting colors to further enhance their appearance. Moreover, several countertop colors can be combined into horizontal and vertical stripes creating wonderful mosaic of colours.

Hexagonal Shapes

Just like a certain diversity is noticeable both in patterns and colours, there are noteworthy changes taking place in terms of shapes of countertops. For instance, you can expect to see greater use of varied geometric shapes apart from the usual traditional rectangle shape. For instance, hexagonal shape is becoming popular in different textures, colors, and sizes, helping to create a unique look in your bathroom.

When used in a small bathroom, countertops of such shapes create a better perception of space if used in conjunction with different neutral colors. Similarly, if it is a large bathroom then these hexagonal shapes assist in creating elaborate accents.

Wooden Tile Finish

One of the design ideas popular for bathrooms is the wooden plank patterns. Similarly, wooden tile finishes and textures such as maple wood, cherry, and oak allow the use of nice decorative patterns in your bathroom. Another option is porcelain tile finish that offers higher resistance to moisture and dirt, while maintaining optimal design aesthetics.

Such wooden textures help enhancing nature. Moreover, you can make things look even more convincing when mixing natural stone or wood-like tiles. Similarly, plant patterns such as blossoming flowers or tropical plants will send you into the beautiful wilderness of nature. Such floral or plant patterns are the newest trends and you certainly need to have a look.

The rich colours as well as fine lines of these floral patterns bring both subtility and elegance. Such plant and floral patterns are gaining popularity due to their brightness and attractiveness.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are a favorite choice and give your bathroom a sense of luxurious beauty. Unique style and colour of marble with perceptive color shades and differences in veins help in creating attractive design aesthetics. Moreover, these marble tiles and countertops are available in different patterns and colours. Your bathroom will certainly have a different look with the marble’s natural beauty.

Another option you can investigate when you want something luxurious and elegant is the colour black. Additionally, black marble can be easily combined with rest of the finishing material in your bathroom. If it is a modern bathroom design, then black marble countertops would work perfectly with such design concept to provide a sophisticated and refined bathroom interior.

However, when using black you will have to keep in mind that too much black can be overwhelming. As such, you need to ensure that your bathroom contains lighter shades, and the countertops are used in conjunction with other types of finishing material. It is better to use two colours that contrast well, for instance, light shades tend to perfectly compliment black countertops.

Textured Finishes

Textured finish countertops can bring attention to the surface, colour depth, and variations in any part of the bathroom. Based on material used and finish applied, these textures can be pronounced or subtle.

Likewise, three dimensional textures are applicable for different styles, sizes, and shapes, allowing you to achieve endless combinations.

Metal Finishes

Another unique design option to contemplate is metal finishes and considered a fashionable novelty for the bathroom. Countertops and tiles with metal finishes are becoming popular at a fast pace. Due to reflective and shiny nature of metallic finishes, your bathroom gains an extravagant as well as magnificent look and feel.

Countertops in Different Colors

Neutral and soft colour tones are a great option for your countertops. In addition, you can opt for warmer shades if you have a large bathroom. Similarly, you can give your bathroom a unique feel with golden tones.


As we can see, there are several design options that you can choose from for your bathroom countertops and increase aesthetic appeal of your bathroom manifold.,/p>

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