White Bathroom Titles Create A Spacious Design

White Bathroom Titles Create A Spacious Design

Date published: Sep 08, 2022


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You can use white bathroom tiles to create a spacious, timeless and crisp bathroom design or simply as a backdrop for boldly colored or patterned accents. They can be used with almost everything and make rooms feel brighter and lighter than heavily decorated designs.

There are many options for white bathroom tiles, including ceramic, engineered tiles and natural stone, that are available in a variety of colours. Polished or semi-polished finishes are also available,as well as various textures.

We’ve selected our top white bathroom tile designs so you can achieve the perfect look!

White Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom tile designs come in a variety of sizes and laying patterns. This makes it possible to add personality and interest to any room, no matter how simple the white bathroom tiles may seem.

1. Use Unique Shapes To Bring Character

Model Shown: Magnolia

Tile shapes can be used to create interest and character in your bathroom design. This creates shadows and contrast which allow the bathroom tiles to have “movement,” depending on the light and angle they are being viewed from.

2. Contrasting Veins & Natural Finishes

Model Shown: Larsen

Contrast is always sought after when creating a design in any room of your home. In this photo, we see the beautiful array of veins and hues in our Larsen model tile, which combines extremely well with the dark wood colour of the bathroom vanity area.

3. Matte Gloss Finishes

Model Shown: Syros

Matte gloss finishes bring a certain level of warmth and peace, while at the same time, elevating your bathroom with elegance. As seen in the photo above, our Syros model bathroom tiles serve those purposes, and then some!

4. White Bathroom Tiles & Wood Accent Mix

Model Shown: Rak 29

Though this contrast trend has been around for many years now, it is still very much used in many bathroom designs. The mix of clean, crisp white metro tiles with the natural tones and warmth that wood colours provide are hard to beat.

5. Don’t Forget Your Bathroom Shower Design

Model Shown: Marmorea

An all-white bathroom shower design is a great choice for small bathrooms. However, it doesn't have to be boring. With beautiful, subtle veins in our Marmorea bathroom tiles, you can achieve a beautiful, welcoming look that will be a joy to experience for years to come.

6. Contrasting Floor & Wall Colours

Model Shown: Albi

If you like to mix things up, especially colour patterns, this is the design for you. Having a clean white bathroom tile wall and going with a darker tone tile for the floor (in this case, with a shape pattern too), can create a stunning look.

7. Don't Be Afraid Of Accents

Model Shown: Fez

Our Fez bathroom tiles are the perfect way to give your bathroom design that uplifting, modern feel. Resembling a brick-style pattern, this tile is perfect for those who want a trendy, yet classic bathroom design.

Other White Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

  • Combine white tiles with warm colored materials and/or other contrasting colored tiles. Example, white wall tiles with darker colored floor tiles.

  • Mix & Match shapes and colours for added movement and uniqueness.

How do you style white bathroom tiles?

White bathroom tiles can be used as a focal point for a bathroom, such as a colored vanity or bathtub, as a backdrop or even as bright accents. For a calm and serene look, combine them with areas of classic sea-blue painted wall with black fittings for an Art Deco style. Add colourful towels and accessories to give your space an instant lift!

Should I buy white bathroom tiles?

A bright and light-colored tile works well in bathrooms, both on floors and walls. They are water-resistant, durable and easy to clean. However, it is important to make sure that the bathroom floor tiles have an anti-slip finish before you buy.

Ready to design your bathroom with white bathroom tiles? Contact us today for your free quote!

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