How to install wall ceramic tiles in Montreal?

Installation Guide: Ceramic wall tiles

Date published: Dec 21, 2020


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The benefit of wall ceramic tiles is that they are easy to maintain and offer endless design possibilities. Moreover, they are durable and have excellent resistance to stains and moisture. If you want to install ceramic tiles then it will require good amount of planning and proper execution. The challenge here is installing a comparatively heavier material over a vertical surface. In the following sections we will look at details of how to correctly install ceramic tiles.

How to properly install wall ceramics?

When you are looking for wall ceramic tiles, there are several options for you to choose from as most of the floor tiles are appropriate for use on walls as well. However, the opposite is not true and not every wall tile can be used as a floor tile since tiles used in flooring need to be sturdier and thicker to remain in good condition under heavy foot traffic.

Pay Attention to Layout

Professionals take extra care to make sure the grout lines remain thin and adequately leveled. Experts also ensure that tiles have trimmed portions that are symmetrical on all the sides. Special attention is also given to avoid cut tiles in the form of narrow rows on sides, bottom, and top of walls.

If you want the ceramic tiles to look great on your walls, then it will be necessary to focus on proper layout during installation. Incorrect installation will result in unbalanced appearance and tile cuts will appear asymmetrical. 

Focus on Special Considerations

If ceramic tiles are being installed on surrounding walls around a tub or shower, then there are certain special considerations that you will have to take into account.

For instance, there should be waterproof under-lament for the base surface. This can be achieved through installation of a sheet plastic layer or application of a water proofing membrane on top of a cemented board base. Irrespective of method used, water proofing will be important to prevent structural damage due to moisture seepage from ceramic tiles.

Select the Right Adhesive

When selecting adhesive, the best thing to do is to choose a thin set of adhesives consisting of fine sand, cement, and cellulose or other such agent that retains water. These adhesives also have latex additives which provide the adhesive flexibility and prevent it from cracking.


As we can see, there are multiple steps to be performed when wall ceramic tiles are installed. You can consult experts at a tile store in Montreal such as Italbec, selling tiles like natural stone to understand more about the process and ensure mistakes are avoided.

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