Installation - Mosaic

Installation - Mosaic

Date published: Aug 18, 2017


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  1. Installation surface must be smooth and clean.
  2. You may need to apply a thin layer of setting material on the surface to ensure that it is ready for the tile.  Allow 12 hours for the surface to dry. 


  1. Measure the space in which the mosaic is being installed to determine the best fit for your mosaic sheet.
  2. Use a straight edge and level to help you align the mosaic as you work.
  3. Construct a grid where you will be applying the mosaic that is equal to nine sheets of the mosaic.  Do this to get an approximation of where each sheet will be installed. 


  1. Mix setting material.
  2. 1ST coat: apply setting material with the smooth edge of a trowel to a section no larger than one section of the grid.
  3. 2ND coat: create even ridges in the setting material by combing the material with the notched edge of the trowel.


  1. Some mosaic sheets have a clear tape on the front of the tile rather than a mesh on the back. This allows the mosaic design to be visible and keeps the mosaic pieces together during installation.
  2. Apply the backside of each sheet into the setting material, with the tape side/top side face up. 
  3. With either a float tool or gently with your hands, tap across the surface to adhere the mosaic securely into the setting material. The space between each sheet should be equal to the space between each individual mosaic piece.


  1. Adjust while material is still wet.
  2. Adjust any tiles that are uneven and ensure that all gaps are of equal width and height. If needed, you can cut through the clear tape and move the tiles with a small trowel.


  1. Apply to a clean and dry surface.
  2. Before applying the grout, make sure that the surface is clean and all clear tape is removed. Peel tape in a diagonal motion.
  3. Clean thoroughly to remove all dust and particles.
  4. Spread grout from the bottom up in a diagonal direction using a small trowel.


  1. Expansion joints should be installed where the mosaic meets an adjoining surface, such as in a corner.
  2. Fill this space with a silicone sealant in place of grout to create expansion joints at these locations.


  1. The mosaic should be ready to be cleaned about 30 to 60 minutes after grouting.
  2. With a sponge and clean water, lightly scrub the surface in a circular motion, removing excess grout and smoothing all joints. Continue until clean.

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